Constitution Day

This is a public holiday, quite important for the country. On December 6, Constitution Day is celebrated annually in Spain. This is a day whose purpose is to celebrate the Constitution of Spain, which enshrines the rights and obligations of all citizens. After the death of dictator Francisco Franco, a transitional period began, which led to the first democratic elections in 1977. Thus, on December 6, 1978, a referendum was called with the following question: "Do you approve the draft Constitution?" The results left no room for doubt: in all provinces "pro" won a convincing victory.

For this reason, this historic day is celebrated in Spain. This is not just the adoption of a document, but a change of regime from terrible to modern for them. True, it was not declared a national holiday until 1983, but the holiday was officially issued after the decree of Royal Decree 2964/1983 of November 30 of the same year. Although this is a holiday in which there are no major events or traditions at the family level, various commemorative events are held by the state administration and the Armed Forces. While in the capital of Spain, you can also see the traditional raising of the Spanish flag at Columbus Circle at 10:00 am.


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